A Time To Shine

We just wrapped up 10 days of Summer Learning in our building for incoming second and third grade students. The main purpose of this program was to provide a boost before school starts in a few weeks. Each morning around 8:30 the students began to arrive for breakfast. Learning started at 9:00 and we powered through until noon. During these three hours we built foundations for strong reading habits, dove deep into informational text, rocked number bonds and tape diagrams, and worked together as teams on  STEM challenges.

What started to unfold as these ten days went on was pretty cool. Friendships formed that might not have had a chance to blossom during the regular school year. Friendships that seem tricky to navigate during the regular school year were looked upon differently as they had time to work through some challenges and differences.  These students (aside from some groggy moments) came to Summer Learning excited to be there. For many this was their time to shine.  We watched the normally quiet kiddos come out of their shells and be able to have a voice. I had many quiet victories over the past two weeks, and we celebrated out loud! My greatest hope is that they come back in a few weeks walking a little taller, feeling more confident, and ready to shine!  shine

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