Winding Down…

‘Tis the season. The season of winding down another school year. We are heading into our last week of school. “Four and a half more get ups!”  The teacher  list of “To Do’s” is very lofty in those four and a half school days. It will all get done. It always does.

You can tell as you walk through the school that things are beginning to wind down. Hallway displays quietly retreat as we begin to send student work home. We start to tuck away a few things here and there.  Markers are on their last legs, and glue sticks have all but dried up. You are hard pressed to find a pencil longer than 6 inches, with an eraser. You can tell that kids are starting to spend more time outdoors as their freckles are beginning to appear.

I was collecting books from some of my first graders today and one of them looked  up from their project and said, “I am not ready to be done with first grade yet. I am going to miss school.”

You know for some kiddos we are their stable, their constant, the one that meets their needs, listens to them, nourishes them, are their champions, sounding boards, the ones that get to see the best side (and not so pretty side) of them.

As we finish up these last few days of school and we as adults are feeling paper thin, hanging on by a thread….they are too.  Hanging on to what school does mean to them. What you mean to them. School is “their place”.  You are “their person”.

Have a great last week of school.

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