Appreciating Teachers

As we enter Teacher Appreciation Week at our building, some reflections on some biggies in my life. Who inspired you?

*Barb Naylor, my third grade teacher at Reid Elementary, Grand Blanc. Would you believe that she is NOW my neighbor and good friend?  She is as cool now, as she was back then.  Thanks to her I got my first taste of history and days of yore.

* Gene Dolby, sixth grade, Grand Blanc Middle School. We had something that he called a “Syllabus”. The syllabus was full of vocabulary words that we learned. I can still remember him walking around in his kelly green pants with ducks on them teaching us what a credenza  is.  I still have my syllabus from his class.  I do.

* Pam Whipple. She tutored me a few summers in math. She always had really sharp yellow pencils and she helped me master my multiplication facts. 8×7=56 written on a Gloria Vanderbilt postcard.

* Vic Trembley, English, Grand Blanc High School. He taught us never to settle for anything but the best. We read a ton in his class, talked about books, and learned to love literature. He would not accept my work unless it was written in cursive. Just so you know Mr. Trembley, I still print. Neatly.

teacher q

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