What I Learned From A Second Grader


They say that people come into your life for a reason. I am a firm believer in that. I believe that every person that you encounter has something to teach us. Today this is a story of one special spunky second grader.

This student arrived at our school a few weeks into the school year and soon became part of my daily life. Sure, we worked on reading and math, but it was way more than that.

I learned her life story. She shared it openly, honestly, and frankly. Sometimes I had to shake myself out of it because I thought, at any given time, that I was sitting with an adult.  This is a child that fully understands her struggles, embraces her strengths, stands up for the little guy, forgives, is empathetic to others, and lights up a room with sass on a daily basis.

Friday was her last day with us. And there was a party. Her classroom teacher did a beautiful job making it a party to remember. There were invitations, treats, dancing, and presents. The class gathered around her to watch her read the book that her teacher had created for her. She opened her presents and thanked everyone with grace and kindness. Her classmates wrote kind words about her on sticky notes, placed them on a board that read “Happy Day”, and her teacher read a few of them out loud. She listened with light in her eyes and joy in her heart. It was her day. She rocked it like a champ.

So there will be a huge empty hole on Monday in my room. Hopefully we will meet again someday. We all learned from you. Stand up for the underdog. Stand up for yourself. Someday she wants to be a Social Worker or a Police Officer. And she will be.

Thanks kid.

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