Thanks and Gratitude

This past week I attended a Leadership Day at a school in a neighboring district. We all know that when we know that guests are coming we pull out all of the stops and are ready to shine!  We were able to tour the building and I happened to land in a third grade classroom. I wasn’t surprised because third graders are “my people”.  I made sure that I spend time listening to the presentations that these very eager eight year olds were ready to share. They were so proud and I could tell that the teacher has worked really hard to get her students “visitor ready”.

I wanted to let the teacher know how much I enjoyed being in her classroom and was amazed by her students.  I sent her this  quick email and what happened next shocked me.

Hi Aimee,  I was so happy to read your email!  I’ve never received one from one of our “Leadership” visitors before. This is one I will keep and read over to make me smile for the rest of the year- you know how it goes. I will pass your compliment on to Kayleigh and you are right about her. With all of our work (and stress) that goes into every school day, it’s wonderful to know that our efforts noticed and are paying off! Thank you and you have a great week too!

This prompted a conversation with some colleagues about the idea of sending a formal “Thank You” as a way to share your gratitude. Sure, these days we send an email or spring for the cost of a notecard and a stamp and do it the old-fashioned way.  Is it a lost art?  Will our younger digital generation carry on the written tradition of a card?

So this is a Big Blue Challenge: Who can you thank?  Will your “Thank You” make someone smile?  Who is missing that “Thank You” in their life?  Thank someone who makes a difference. It just takes a minute to make their day!



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