So, what DO you do?

I laugh every time I get this question from kids, which is almost daily.  We might be in the middle of a really tricky text and someone asks it. The question.

“Miss Schwartz, what DO you do?”  (insert first grade voice)

The conversation typically goes a little something like this:

Me: “What do you think I do?”

Student: “Well you work on reading with us.”

Student: “Sometimes you help us with math or with a test.”

Student:  “You help me tie my shoes.”

And here is the kicker…

Student: “But where is your class?”

This one really baffles them. It feels a little Wayside School “-ish” to me. Do they think there is this large group of students in a secret classroom in the school?

I always tell them, YOU are my class, I just see a lot of classes in one day.  After establishing that and thinking that we are all good, they hit me with another.

Student: “But where is their stuff?”

So do they really know what I do?  After I received this message at my table today I think that they do:



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