Big Blue Gets A Makeover

Recently my students benefited from a grant received from The Holly Education Foundation for Ergo Ergo stools. With the help of some of the kiddos, we researched the different sizes and cost of the stools. After much deliberation(and measuring) we decided to go with the size of the secondary stool as it sits a bit taller and fits my big kids perfectly. With our grant money we were able to order two stools. It is a start!

So yesterday two boxes arrived in my classroom- two BLUE Ergo Ergo stools. We quickly unpacked them and set them at the table. The kids were so excited! “Miss Schwartz they match the table!”

Not five minutes later two more boxes arrived!  What?  Our amazing principal pitched in for 2 more stools for Big Blue.  Now we have (4)!  This was the view from BB yesterday:


Thank you to the  Holly Education Foundation for supporting our Davisburg learners, and thank you to @denisekott for making my group of 4 readers really happy!

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