My New Job

So I have this one particular group of first graders that I think are quite lovely. As they were working hard today sorting words by their vowel sounds one of these sweeties piped up and said, “When I grow up I want to be a baseball player.” In true first grade fashion, they were quick to pipe in about their career ambitions. “I want to be a ‘You-Tuber’ “. “I want to be a ballerina teacher.”  “I want to own a farmers market.” “I want to chase monsters.”

So I chimed in, “What should Miss Schwartz be when she grows up?”  After a quizzical look (probably thinking geez lady you are already a grown up) I had two suggestions offered.  One was a veterinarian.  Not bad, I like animals. The other little person felt that I should just stay home. Not sure how I feel about that last one. Do they think I should retire?  Or that I have worked hard all these years and I should rest?  Oh these first graders!  So silly!

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